Gayuma Free Love Spells

There are a lot of simple gayuma (Philippines Free Love Spells) that you can try, if you feel so inclined.  Remember that the key ingredient is to have total faith and belief and knowledge that this will be effective.  Bearing that in mind, here are some easy philippines love magic spells to try.

Photo/Hair/Name Under The Pillow

To succeed, you should write the name of the person you would like to entrap in your love magic on a piece of paper and place it beneath your pillow.  For added strength, you can also attach a photo or hair to the piece of paper.

Whispering To The Full Moon Wind

On the night of a full moon, you may stand underneath the window of your target and should look towards the moon, whispering his or her name very softly three times and the wind will carry the love magic with the power of the moon.

Whispering To The Dead

There is a very dangerous spell that can be cast.  In the moments after a person has died, they are said to be between the land of the living and the land of the dead - at a stage where they can interact with both worlds.  During these precious moments, it is possible to whisper to the recently dead person and ask them to help you and to grant your wish.  You may ask that person's spirit to help somebody to fall in love with you, but be warned that the consequences can be very severe.

Underwear Entrapment

Some people say that if you steal the underwear of your victim and bury it, that he or she will never desire anybody other than you and will be forever trapped in this bond until the underwear is released from its underground stash.  Once the underwear is released, the target's libido will also be released and set wild and free - the longer the undergarments remain trapped, the more rampant the target will become after their release, so be very careful with this free love spell.

Entwined Hairs

Another hair love spell is to take one hair from your victim and one of your own and entwine them together in a circle, to make a circle of love that will never be broken for as long as your hair circle stays complete.

But remember the warning!  Gayuma or any kind of free love spell or entrapment magic is believed to end in very dire consequences!

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#128: Guest #909 (Maryfae) - at 12:49 on 31 Mar 2018

Gusto kong maging kame ng taong Gusto Ko Sana pansinin niya na ako at Sana di niya na ako sungitan Sana maging close kami

#127: Guest #905 (claire villegas) - at 07:23 on 19 Mar 2018

Gusto kong bumalik na sya sa akin at bumalik na kami sa dati

#126: Guest #902 (Sandy) - at 12:28 on 11 Mar 2018

Hi Lai,

These pages have information about what some people of the Philippines believe. We cannot guarantee whether these beliefs are true or not.

However, I feel that a relationship should not be based on trying to find ways to ensure people do what you would like. I cannot see how that can lead to happiness. In an ideal world, we would be encouraging and supporting our partners, whilst also compromising when there are differences.

I wish you the very best.

#125: Guest #901 (Lai) - at 08:09 on 11 Mar 2018

Is this for real? I got my bf hair unintentionally..

#124: Guest #886 (star_brite) - at 01:57 on 02 Mar 2018

kelan po ba ang effective nong under wear entrapment??ni gawa ko na po yon sa asawa ko eh

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