What is Gayuma?

Gayuma is a love spell or love potion from the Philippines.  Gayuma is used to cause a target victim fall hopelessly in love and full of desire for the person using the gayuma.

Gayuma Love Potion or Food

A gayuma potion is a very secret recipe but usually involves the collection of some rare herbs, plants, parts of animals or insects or any other naturally-growing substances that are rare and said to hold special qualities.  A spell may be muttered during the preparation of a gayuma to increase its said effectiveness.  The love potion or food should be given to the victim who will then fall in love with the person associated with the gayuma.  Beliefs vary somewhat as to whether the victim would fall in love with the next person they see after consuming the gayuma, or whether the magic knows exactly who should be the object of the victim's love, passion, affection and desire.

Gayuma Love Spell

The spell is often considered to be derived from black-magic witchcraft that is usually performed by a native witch, otherwise known as a mangkokulam.  The mangkokulam would most likely ask to see something from the victim, such as a piece of clothing or better still, some hair, and would normally ask to see a photograph too, before weaving his magic and making the spell active.

There are some people who also believe that placing a picture or name of the victim under their pillow will cause that person to fall madly in love with them.  As with any magic, the real test is in the faith of the caster that it will be effective!

Gayuma Aphrodisiac

Gayuma potions and spells are also said to have an aphrodisiacal effect, turning the victims into lusting monsters who want nothing more than to fornicate with the person initiating the spell.

Where To Buy Gayuma

Even though many religious organisation (especially Catholic organisations) in the Philippines actually oppose the use of Gayuma, the dealers and vendors distributing it can usually be found near religious outposts, such as Qiapo Church or Baclaran Church.

Gayuma Side Effects

Be warned!  Whilst many people believe that gayuma is effective and many people do not believe that is in any way effective, almost everybody agrees that only the love that occurs naturally is really worth having, and that love that is created or forced in an underhand way is potentially dangerous and could even be fatal.  Those who have true faith in the works of the gayuma are afraid that using gayuma will attract demons and severe ill fortune, so use it at your own risk!

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#6: Guest #59 (lonelyheart) - at 15:09 on 21 Mar 2014

as they say relationships starts & end w/ a reason.it is in the persons involved if they are going to make the relationship work.if it is'nt working anymore don't force it to work out even when the both of u already knows that it must come to an end.if it is meant to be so be it

#5: Sandy - at 04:27 on 17 Feb 2014

Hi Trixie,

I cannot condone the use of magic potions to control another person's feelings or chemistry. I can suggest that it is important that people in a relationship should be able to be understanding to each other's needs and desires. If there is a big difference between what you and your partner desire, then you both need to find a way to compromise somewhere in the middle so that you are both satisfied in the relationship.

Good luck po!

#4: Guest #39 (Trixie) - at 09:29 on 16 Feb 2014

Saan po ba ako madaling makakahanap ng gayuma? And how can I prevent na maging lustful monster or anything na masama ang maging effect dun sa pagbibigyan ko? Gusto ko po sana na normal lang po ang mangyari gaya ng ibang couples.. And lastly, pano po magagamot yung pinagbigyan ko incase ayaw ko na? Sana po masagot niyo! Thanks a lot!

#3: Sandy - at 06:51 on 11 Jan 2014

I went to Quiapo recently, and tried to find out where to buy gayuma. I should advise anybody else trying to do the same thing that you need to ask quietly how to do this. It is apparently illegal and the vendors take it very seriously so be careful not to offend anybody and be very respectful and discreet.

Good luck!

#2: Sandy - at 05:19 on 15 Oct 2013

Hi Mark.

I think that when you anyway have troubles in a relationship, that is the time when your partner may be open to other experiences. Maybe you can try to find out if there are any problems and work out what is causing them and try to focus on your relationship with your girlfriend, and if you are able to do that, and if you are both truly compatible, then hopefully no outside gayuma magic will have any effect.

Good luck po!

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