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Gayuma in the Media

There have been many occurances of gayuma in popular films, books, songs and even in newspapers and magazines!  Love and intimacy, sex and romance, are subjects that are very exciting to us as humans and are not going to disappear.

I have tried to catalogue some of the occurances in popular media that you may or may not be familiar with.

Gayuma in Films/Movies

Amanda Page's Gayuma: Amanda Page starred with Jay Manalo in an erotic film called Gayuma released in 1996.  The story follows that she was unable to conceive a child and so her husband was turned off her.  She went to see a faith healer who promised to help her win back the affection of her husband and become pregnant by him, using gayuma.  You can find this film at Sine Central if you wish to see it.

Gayuma in Songs/Raps

There are many songs available called Gayuma, and even a band with that name!

'Abra' recently performed a rap song called Gayuma, you can find the Lyrics of Gayuma by Abra, here

The following links go to Amazon, with demos of the following songs:

If you are from the UK: Gayuma on Amazon.co.uk

If you are from the USA or the rest of the world: Gayuma on Amazon.com

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