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This website is all about gayuma and has lots of useful information for anybody who wants to learn more about gayuma.  For those English-speaking-only among you, the English for Gayuma is "Love Potion/Spell".

Here at gaGayuma we give you a brief explanation of what gayuma actually means, the different forms of gayuma, how to make an effective gayuma, the basic ingredients for a gayuma recipe and even give some referrences of gayuma in popular media.

So, please take some time to look around the site using the menu above and I hope you find something of interest to you! 


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#21: Guest #726 (09) - at 09:57 on 21 Nov 2017

paano maging matalino

#20: Guest #683 (jim) - at 08:59 on 05 Nov 2017

Paano po ba mapanatili ang pag mamahal sayo ng isang tao

#19: adminkal - at 06:04 on 01 Nov 2017

Ppano po ba

#18: adminkal - at 14:00 on 20 Oct 2017

pls nmn po ptulong nmn po pnu ko ppablikin ung gf ko

#17: adminkal - at 13:41 on 20 Oct 2017

maam ako my problema po pwde po bng ptulong nmn po kong panu ko xa pbabalikin sa akin mahal n mahal ko ang gf ko at panu ko xa gayumahin n ppablikin sa akin salamat po

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