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This website is all about gayuma and has lots of useful information for anybody who wants to learn more about gayuma.  For those English-speaking-only among you, the English for Gayuma is "Love Potion/Spell".

Here at gaGayuma we give you a brief explanation of what gayuma actually means, the different forms of gayuma, how to make an effective gayuma, the basic ingredients for a gayuma recipe and even give some referrences of gayuma in popular media.

So, please take some time to look around the site using the menu above and I hope you find something of interest to you! 


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#9: Guest #555 (Gimini#24) - at 19:01 on 12 May 2017

Actualy i am a bisexual and i love him..pero nagalet cia sakin at hindi na kame nakakapag usap..panu poh kaya gagawin ko? Sna po matulungan nyu ko n mabalik ung dating sweet at carrying nya sakin..ngaun poh kc wla n cia pakialam sakin cmula ng nag away nmn po thanks.

#8: adminkal - at 08:29 on 13 Apr 2017

i want a gayuma very effective and easy to get the ingridiants hehehe thanks cause always nalang ako nakaka tagpo nang lalaking salawahan pagod na po ako help me po//

#7: adminkal - at 04:10 on 26 Mar 2017

meron po picture sa akin ng ex gf ko paano po ba maibabalik yong dating pagmamahl na nwala sa aming dalwa

#6: adminkal - at 06:26 on 18 Mar 2017

good day...i just want some little advice. how can i 'Sumpa' if i was been guyama? because their form of guyama is something that makes you talk to her in the way of thoughts . and both each other are talker at the same way.. but how was that happen? is there something principle about any kind of form of gayuma?

#5: 7 - at 03:11 on 14 Aug 2016

gayuma is good but we need cash

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